Peculiar Polar Cruise

An unexpected series
On a March 2019 afternoon, Flora called from work to announce me that she had won a Hurtigruten cruise along the Norwegian coast in a random contest. Three weeks later, we were sailing north all the way from Bergen to the Russian frontier, with hundreds of German and British retirees and no soul under 50.

This impromptu trip came at a moment I had decided to focus on street photography, convinced that no subjects were more thrilling and beautiful than humans living their lives.
Damn, I thought, Norway is an anti-street photo country, the land of wide wild spaces and Instagram backpackers...

Yet, I quickly sensed the potential for a series consistent with what I strive for : I’d document the cruise, shoot passengers living their dream journey in their own casual, appealing or funny fashion - with dramatic nordic landscapes as a backrdrop. Besides, there must be interesting street scenes in some of the 34 harbors we’ll pass by...